Welcome to my home page. Mosc is a nickname I've had since  high school days. I'll be adding and removing stuff from time to time so come back. Over the past year, several "strangers" have stumbled across my web pages and sent me email with comments, some very thoughtful and provocative. This has resulted in several on-going cyber friendships (pen pals) that have become of value. Thus, I think I'll start making this site more and more "personal" in the hope that more people will find something to share with me. My email address is h@mosc.com .

I'm an electronic music composer. I've lately been using a Nord Modular synthesizer and a Kyma system. I love them. If you have a MP3 player, you may wish to listen my music. Check out my music site at mp3.com. At that site, you can hear my latest piece, a three movement concerto for electronic music and alto flute. My wonderful daughter, Genevieve, performed the flute part on this recording. She performed the world premiere at Oberlin College in June, 2000.

I'm building a new site to further the appreciation and understanding of electronic, electro-acoustic, and experimental music and art. Click on the logo and visit. The site is under construction.



I live in Allentown, Pennsylvania where I am a Senior Consulting Information Technology Architect with a large computer company associated with the color blue. I worked at Bell Laboratories for 15 years as an integrated circuit designer (I was on the design team for several of the first DSPchips) , a CAD (Computer Aided Design) developer and as well as managerof a large distributed computing network.  In August, 1996, I changed jobs as part of a huge computing services outsourcing deal. I now work as a consultant supporting my old company, in the same office with the same phone number.

I'm interested in computers, electronic music, Astronomy, Ham Radio, and motorcycles, especially Harley Davidsons. (This link now has a picture of me and my bike). I play the piano and the 5 String Banjo.

I like to program in UNIX and am especially proficient in the language awk. I use awk extensively as a general purpose programming language, and for CGI scripts. Lately, I've been working with Javascript . Another cyber-joy is my friend TimThompson's system for music compostion and MIDI control called keykit.  I have written several programs in the keykit language that automatically compose music.  I hope to put some of the results up one this website in the future.

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